Systema Knife Defense Essentials – $39.95

‘A truly innovative approach to blade work’

Al McLuckie – 40 years of Filipino, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese and Russian Martial Arts.

The latest instructional DVD ‘Systema Knife Defense Essentials’. The underlying principle of ‘instinct first then knowledge’ is thoroughly explored and highlighted in multiple chapters on this DVD. Developing exercises that relax and strengthen the body for knife defense, mobility principles for universal motion, exercises developed to help you to merge with an attackers motion, a fundamental explanation of the psychology of knife defense, knife disarming, limb destruction, softwork principles, working with a resistive opponent, striking concepts, free sparring and much more. A complete DVD on the essential knowledge required for effective Systema knife defense.

The Secrets of Systema Ground Fighting – $39.95

In this DVD Martin Wheeler takes you into the ground fighting strategies and maneuvers of the world’s most secret martial arts.
– Over 30 step-by-step drills show you how to move with incredible fluidity on the ground all while delivering powerful accurate strikes

– How to apply ballistic joint breaks and chokes.

– Combat conditioning

– Understanding the psychological mindset of your opponents.

– Never seen before work shows how to engage both single and multiple
attackers from the ground.

A must see for anyone looking for a serious upgrade to their ground
fighting tactics.

Moving and Striking – $39.95

‘I recommend this DVD to anyone studying Systema.’

Vladimir Vasiliev, Master of Systema.

The first DVD available from Martin Wheeler on the Russian Martial Art Systema breaks down the brutal and subtle moving and striking principles of the art in bare-knuckle-full contact demonstrations. With full explainations in a unique media environment be taken from the purely physical to the underlying psychological perspective of Systema.

– Learn how to safely take strikes to the body.

– Move in subtle and unpredictable ways.

– Strike using any part of your body with devastating effect.

– Engage one or more opponents with innovative drills designed to increase awareness.

– Deliver fight finishing blows to multiple attackers.

– Understand the unique Psychology of Systema like never before.

Discover MOVING AND STRIKING Systema from one of The System’s leading practitioners.

‘Without hesitation I can say this in the best DVD on striking I have seen to date.’

Ken J. Good. Former Navy SEAL. Instructor in small unit tactics.

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