Ryan Bertrand,  Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor, S.W.A.T.

As the Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor for my department and SWAT entry team member, I feel a true responsibility to the community I serve and to the Officers I train, to be ready to provide solutions to their problems.

Unfortunately, in some circles, there is an idea of “lowest common denominator” training, a type of check-the-box activity where the people who are tasked with going into harms way receive only the most basic and simple training.  Sadly, real life often demands so much more.

Having trained with Martin, I can say that he is one of a few select instructors who are not only willing to show “advanced” concepts to those that need it, but is also able to truly do it.

During recent SWAT-related weapon training, several students and I posed challenging “what if” situations to Martin (movement with weapons, transition work, multiple Officer/multiple suspect situations, weapon retention/takeaways and team concepts). Not only was Martin able to demonstrate numerous options for the operators in attendance, but better yet, Martin was able to instruct us in such a way the what we were learning would be something that we could keep and take with us.

For anyone who considers themselves a professional and is looking for some of the most effective and practical training there is, I would, without any reservation, give my highest recommendation to training with Martin Wheeler.


Ryan Bertrand

Nathanael Morrison, USAF Pararescue, US Army, Military Freefall & Mountain Warfare Instructor.

Martin Wheeler is one of those unique people you come across only a few times in a lifetime. He is a man with a highly unique background in the martial arts and a distinctly effective method of training. He is unparalleled in his ability to teach combat skills and principles in a manner that ensures easy retainability. Some instructors of shooting, tactics or combatives hope that their students will walk away with at least one new tool they can add to their bag of tricks. This approach is synonymous with building software patches for bad programs. When you train with Martin you walk away with a whole new operating system. The way you move, the way you breath, the way you think is all changed forever. You will come to know what “flow” really is in the tactical situation. With this new operating system you will find that everything else you do on the job and at home improves as well.

Martin has trained military, law enforcement and special operations soldiers around the world. I have personally recommended him to many SOF units. The reasons are simple. Modern day combative training for military and law enforcement is of very poor quality and actually places people at great risk. Martin’s understanding of martial arts and the human being as a whole enable him to break down military combatives in simple terms. The end result is that everyone understands what they are doing, why they are doing it, and most importantly, how to do it under any conditions in an autonomic state, even years later. I promise that after training with Martin your understanding of all things combative will be changed forever. With endless solutions to tactical problems and confidence bred from understanding, your men and women will have what it takes to be successful.

I have personally trained in every military combative system available to US forces and many of the martial arts. Nothing comes close to the Systema combat system and Martin represents the best of the best. I enthusiastically recommend Martin Wheeler for your training program. Give your armed professionals the best, their lives are on the line.

Nathanael Morrison

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